Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So the problems I was having with the UltraCal30 seem to have been solved. I made the mix incredibly thick, a little bit thicker than pancake batter and the pieces were able to be demolded without breaking the details!!! Awesome Sauce!!! I still have some issues with air bubbles but nothing I am not also experiencing with the Merlins Magic. Also some of the pieces I cast earlier with the UltraCal30 have gotten incredibly hard. So it looks like I just need to refine the curing process to get the results I want. I am thinking about using some heat lamps in my paint booth to cure the blocks faster.

With all that said I realize that trying to do this project at my hobby desk in my home office is just not possible. So I will be cleaning up and re-organizing my shop to make this process better.

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