Sunday, April 15, 2012

Plaster Data

So I was looking at the stats of who has been hitting my site and noticed that someone came to my site by searching for "Whats in merlins magic". Sure enough I plug that search into google and this blog is the 3rd site in the list!!! Awesome. However I don't have any information about what exactly is in Merlins Magic. So I decided to do some research.

In order to answer this question I started off with the manufacturers website. As I was browsing their site not only did I notice that Merlins Magic is no longer listed, but none of their other products have any info about what is in them. So about the only thing I know with relative certainty is that Merlins Magic is gypsum based. However what other additives it has in it to give it the strength is unlcear. I would imagine that there is some portland cement but again I don't know for certain.

However I did stumble upon a great site that did a comparision of all the plasters and gathered a ton of data to compare against.

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