Sunday, April 8, 2012

40k Titans

So I was browsing youtube looking for more tips and ideas around casting Hirst Arts molds. While doing that I ran across a couple videos of titans from 40k.

Not sure if this was a scratch build or not but it looks really cool. Reminds me of a terminator crossed BORT from the day the earth stood still. Pretty cool if you ask me!!!

This one is a scratch build and not a kit from forgeworld or one of the other manufacturers. Amazing what a little creativity and vision can build.

These last 2 are definately forgeworld or some other kit build. The reason I added them is because the paint jobs are pretty amazing and the detail is awesome. I really like the flames on the titan in the last video. They look pretty cool. Almost makes me want to get back into 40k just so I can paint up a titan!!! Maybe I'll mess around with making my own versions of the titans later who knows...

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