Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pine sol paint removing

If I hadn't decided to try it for myself I would think you were crazy. There is no way that pine sol can strip the paint off a minature. Had the pieces I needed to strip not been plastic, I would have used paint thinner. However paint thinner would likely have dissolved the plastic as well. Pine sol worked like a charm though.

The process is fairly straight forward. Just get a pyrex or plastic container large enough to fit the pieces you want to strip. Add pine sol so that the pieces are completly submerged. Let sit overnight. At the sink run some slightly warm water. Use an old or cheap tooth brush and gently scrub the paint off while the water runs over the piece.

I don't suggest doing this in a porcelain sink as the paint may dye the porcelain. Also you should let the pieces sit in the pine sol in the garage or some place extremely well ventilated. If you don't the house will smell like pine sol.

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