Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Castle Gate Update

So last night while working on my taxes I got some work done on the towers for the gate. I also created a base for the keep out of some polystyrene insulation that was a half inch thick. The base is 24" x 11" so it will have plenty of space for some trees and maybe a statue or something else on it. I will post pictures of my progress later when I have a bit more assembled.

Another note, I decided to put together the floors upside down. That way I can sand the bottoms to make it even and have a flat surface. Also to make some square floor tiles I took some standard blocks and cut them down the middle (giving me 2 usable pieces) with a small hack saw. It isn't really a hack saw but it is similar and I am not sure what the saw is actually called.

More casting to be done tonight!

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