Friday, April 13, 2012

Casting Update

So last night I finished off the vibration/shaker table for casting. Woot Woot!!! So this morning I ran down to the post office and picked up the Merlins Magic that I ordered. Post office was busy and taking forever as I figured it would. It really is no wonder why they are bankrupt! Anyway that is another topic for discussion. The first thing that I realize about the merlins magic is that it has about 1/3rd the volume that an equivelent weight bag of plaster has. I probably should have realized this sooner sinse it cures denser then standard plaster but I didn't. That means my original estimate of 7 times more expensive then plaster just sky rocketed to 20-30 times more expensive!!! This may not be workable for Minas Tirith and only cost effective on smaller projects.

On a side note, when I was assembeling the table last night I used a spray adhesive to help bond the layers of the table top. I didn't realize how close my phone was to the spray and apparently it got quite a bit of overspray on it... Now the screen is all grimey :( Fortunately I have a screen protector film on it so I should be able to just take that off and be good to go!!!

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