Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Importance of Dry Time

So as I mentioned yesterday I started building a couple things using the hirst arts molds on sunday. I was running into problems with the detail face pieces cracking at the top. I did some reading online and found that this will happen if you don't let things dry enough. So yesterday evening I did another cast. This time I let it dry overnight in the mold (Probably overkill but I was kind of busy with other things). When I popped the pieces out this morning I had no problems removing the detail pieces.

Another important aspect of the dry time is painting... The octagon tower I built on sunday I painted almost immediately. This seems to have trapped the residual moisture in the pieces and it now can't dry entirely. Granted this was just me being anxious to build something but it is good to know the after effects of rushing the dry time.

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