Thursday, May 10, 2012

Project Status 1

I am going to do a weekly readers digest version of the status of my projects! This will not have any pictures and is just an idea of when stuff will get done.

Ruined Castle Gate:

The air compressor has stalled my progress here however the piece is done other then painting and final detail work. I am borrowing an air compressor and hope to have the piece done in the next couple days.

Gardens of Morr:

I have 2 of the buildings finished painting and almost complete with the main gate, just a couple details to add there. Once the air brush is working again I plan to do the first 2 coats of paint with the air brush for the remaining pieces which should save me time overall. Hopefully I will be done with the piece middle of next week.

Minas Tirith:

Working on designing the Citadel. I hope to have some sketches up soon of this and begin construction.


I am still working on the dome pieces and have not made any progress here. Been focusing on casting blocks and working out kinks in that process.


I have more poly bins to mount to finish sorting. Also this weekend I will be installing a sink basin and running water to the shop. This will make things a lot easier. Also need to mount some peg board by my new bench.


I made a couple table tops for casting on which are working well. I have the foam to use as a dampener for the vibration table but have yet to fix that. Might get to that this weekend but probably won't happen till next week.

Lots of stuff going on time to complete some of it!

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