Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Casting Update

So I attempted to cast 16 molds again. This time however I put together a couple platforms with the baking mat on them for easy cleaning. I ran into a couple problems. The first one is clumping. I ran the plaster through a sifter before adding it to the water but with this quantity of plaster it still clumps up and is almost impossible to get to declump. I think I need a new mixing method rather then doing it by hand.

The second problem I ran into was shorting myself on plaster. I only could fill 14.5 molds. Oops...

The final problem was scrape time. I did manage to get them all scraped however the last ones were really really hard. I think switching to silver set 40 will help with this.

Below is a picture of the scraped molds drying in my paint booth. It is a small room that I have a space heater in and have the temp cranked up to around 90 degrees. It is warm in their.

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