Friday, May 25, 2012

WIP: Temple of Aradoth

Someone on one of the message boards I posted the latest set of pictures asked if I had any sketches of what the finished product would look like. Unfortunately I don't have any images of the finished product other then what is in my head. However I can try and describe the finished product in a bit more depth!

Basically I am going to build 2 mountains out of foam board insulation about 6 inches apart. One of them will have a winding path to the top. The other one will be larger and have the temple sitting attop it in the middle. There will be a bridge connecting the 2 mountains made out of gothic bricks. The bridge will have 2 archs in it. The first arch will be about 3 inches in height and the winding path will run under it. The second arch will go over the remainder of the vally between the 2 mountains. I am also contemplating putting a waterfall on the back of the larger mountain that has a small river that flows out from underneath the temple and putting a couple roman/greek statues outside the temple as you approach from the bridge.

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