Friday, May 18, 2012

Cryx dominate khador

This was both of our first time playing so there was a lot of learning going on. In the end though my cryx army suffered no losses and barely any damage.

I was playing with the cryx battle box set which includes denegrah, 2 deathrippers, slayer, and defiler.

Khador fielded: the Butcher of Khardov, War Dog, 2 Devastators, and Koldun Lord. Below is a picture of the inital deployment and terrain setup.

The first turn was uneventful. We both decided to run our units. He basically advanced straight forward while I decided to take the slayer to my left side of the battlefield and have denehgra and the rest of the smaller jacks move up the center. Round 2 is where the action began. I moved my units up behind the ruined pillars which were difficult terrain. The only thing those units did was denegrah managed to get a corrosion counter on his devastator. The slayer however was able to charge up and deal a massive amount of damage using his special attack. This disable one of the other devastators arms and inflicted additional damage to the jack. Below is a picture of the field after my 2nd turn (before khadors second turn) had ended.

Khador finished his second turn by advancing up the middle where my warcaster was and attempting to deal some damage with his ranged attacks. Because the speed of his units and the difficult terrain he was unable to get into melee combat. All of his attacks failed to hit though.

Since he planted a devastator in the middle of the ruined castle I determined that I would not be able to inflict much if any damage to it with the units I had available. It would require me to roll incredibly high on the damage since it has a defense of 25. So instead of attempting to engage I ran denegrah and the rest of the units away. The slayer did another massive attack against the devastator and destroyed a second arm.
He moved his units around and focused some attacks on my slayer. He managed to deal 5 damage to it (some bad rolls) but it failed to cripple any part of the jack. My 4th turn starts and I allocated 1 focus to one of the deathripper.  My slayer starts combat by destroying the Devastator jack. I then run the deathripper up the side almost as far as I can to act as an arc node. I also move denagrah and my other death ripper and the defiler up the side but only 5-7 inches a piece. This allowed me to use denegrahs spells from relative safety. Using the deathripper as an arcnode I was able to Koldun Lord with venom and put a corrosion counter on the devastator. I also put a parasite on his devastator reducing his armor by 3.

Khadors 4th turn he engages the deathripper with his wardog and manages to do a bit more damage with the butcher against my slayer but again not enough to disable anything. I continue to advance the second deathripper up the side and the defiler. When the defiler moved within 6" of his wardog he decided to charge it eliminating that ranged attack from being used. I then advanced the slayer into the second devastator and rip one of its arms off. Finally denegrah casts a parasite through the deathripper arcnode that is now no longer in combat and hits the butcher reducing his armor by 3. Khador had moved the wardog out of range of an ability he could of used to prevent me from targeting the butcher. I then cast venom through the deathripper and managed to kill his warcaster.

I don't have any pictures of the final battle scene but below is one I took of his devastator blocking the path through the rubble!

This was also the first battle with Castle Gate terrain piece and it looked awesome on the field!!!