Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cryx vs khador battle 2

So time for a rematch!!! After I beat him so bad he just had to come back for more. We played with the same army lists and the same terrain layout as before. You can check out those results here:

I setup first and went first. I decided to setup on the same side of the board as I did last time. I again put the slayer on the left flank but also put one of the deathrippers there as well. For my first round I allocated 1 focus to each of my units and ran them all. I moved the slayer and death ripper up the left flank again and took Denegrah, the defiler and another deathripper up the middle. I have the defiler covering my far right flank.

Khador moves up the middle but no one is in range for any assualts to take place.

For my second round I move denegrah into the ruined left tower to give her cover and allow me to cast her spells through the arcnodes. I also advance the defiler and deathripper up the middle to move to intercept his heavy jacks. The slayer and other deathripper move up the left. I also manage to put a parasite and corrosion counter on one of his Warjacks. But deal no damage.

Khador for his second turn moves up and assaults my right deathripper nearly destroying it. He imobilized it and made it so it could no longer function as an arcnode.

Now it is time for my revenge though!!! I use 1 focus to upkeep the parasite and allocate 3 focus to the slayer. I activate Denegrah first and use her feat of the withering which drops all enemy stats within 8" down by 2. This hits both jacks and the Khaldun Lord. I also use the left deathripper to put a parasite on his left jack. Next I activate my Slayer and do just that!!! After reading the rules again I can use a special attack and normal attacks. Since there defense is now 8 I automatically hit them so we skip those rolls for this round. I use my Combo Strike and boost the damage, followed by a boosted right arm and left arm assault. With the reduced armor on the jack to 20 this deals enough damage to destroy the jack. I follow this up with an assualt by both death rippers on his remaining jack but only manage to do 6 or 8 damage. I advance the defiler up to the fence line and take a pot shot at his wardog but fail to hit (It was not affected by the withering)

Khador advances his Warcaster and Dog and does a blast attack that hits both deathrippers. The one on the left takes a massive amount of damage and is imobolized and only has his head active. The other one takes a moderate amount of damage and is also barely hanging on.

Time for me to have some fun though. I allocate 3 focus to the slayer and 3 focus to the right deathripper. The other focus I spend to upkeep the parasite on his remaining jack. I first activate one of the deathrippers and deal no damage against his heavy jack. The other deathripper hits with his first strike and I boost the damage, because the first strike hit I spend another focus and his second strike automatically hits which I also boost the damage on. This leaves him with about 6 points left. So I assualt both the jack and the Khaldun Lord from behind with the slayer. I use one of my power fists and hit the jack and boost the damage enough to kill him. I then focus the slayers attention on the Khaldun Lord and use his combo strike with a boosted attack and boosted damage to finish him off.

With devastation all around and no Jacks down Khador decides to flee and I chase him down with my slayer and defiler to get the killing shots.

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